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Northern Ireland

Public Transport

Effectiveness of public transport 2015  A study by the NI Audit Office examining the effectiveness of public transport in Northern Ireland by assessing performance against the public transport initiatives and targets outlined in the Regional Transportation Strategy (RTS) (2002) over the period 2002 - 2014

Cycle Counts

Some want to track change over time to plan, design, and advocate for future accommodation for people who walk and bicycle.

DfI Cycle Publications

DfI Cycle Resources: The Department for Infrastructure has outlined the kind of cycling community we would like Northern Ireland to be in 25 years (2015)

DFI Mapping portal: This Mapping Portal is the public source for map data relating to Northern Ireland's Dept of Infra.

Is it too wet to cycle in Belfast?

Forward work planning discussion paper Sept '20

DfI Design Guidance

Cycle Design Guide NI DEM 181/20:  This Memorandum provides technical guidance aimed at informing the design of new cycling infrastructure.

Cycle Path Guidance Screening Form: guidance to designers to ensure consistency of design and ultimately get more people cycling.

Cycling by Design 2010 (Scotland)

Active Travel Guidance (Wales)

London Cycling Design Standards

DfI Design Tweets

Walking & Cycling Champion


Pivotal: Good-Government-in-Northern-Ireland


The Road Traffic Regulation (Northern Ireland) Order 1997 - parking places

Belfast Parking spaces mapped

Japan & Tokyo parking culture

RAC's Standing Still report 2021

Climate Change Bill

Climate Change Act (Northern Ireland) 2022


LTNs impacts on NO2 and traffic 2022:

Impact of LTNs on street crime 2021

Impact of LTNs on reducing traffic injuries Jan '21


Copenhagen City of Cyclists 2017 - The 2017 Annual Bicycle Report confirms that cycling is still the preferred mode of transport for the inhabitants of Copenhagen.


Best practices inner city bicycle parking: A guide for the city of Amsterdam

Used Bicycle Export: We export bicycles from Holland to all over the world.

Children living in the Amsterdam neighbourhood De Pijp fight for a play street without cars in 1972.


The municipality of Oslo has a vision of the capital as a greener, warmer and more inclusive city for everyone.” Street Design for Oslo 2020

Future travel

McKinsey Apr '23: The Future of Mobility


Time Travel - how far you can travel by bike in a given time.

Spatial NI - historical mapping for NI.


Unravelling the Cycling City


Making change: What Works


Traffic in Towns – The Buchanan Report, HMSO, Nov' 1969