Black Paths

A a new project – mapping the only active travel network on the Island of Ireland.

Craigavon was designed and built back inthe 1960s and 70s and one of it's most defining features was the separation of "man and motor".

Craigavon has no footpaths, traffic lights or pedestrian crossings. That's because there's an entirely separate transport system going under and over the road network.

The network had been previously unmapped – leaving most of the people who live in Craigavon unable to understand or navigate the area. With the support of the Department for Infrastructgure we began mapping it in 2021-22, and produced a web resource and accompanying network map promoting the Black Paths as a way for people to travel more sustainably and actively.

This video of a 20km cycle tour we organised in June '22 – shows what an incredible resource this is.

You can find out more of the history of the Black Paths, explore the network and download the network map.