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The first crossing at the Bannfoot is recorded in 1760 and existed until the hand operated ferry ceased in 1979. It remains the only river on the shoreline of Lough Neagh with no dedicated crossing.


The hand-pulled ferry crossing the Bannfoot in the 1960s

The span of the river Bann at the Bannfoot is around 30 meters. To get to the other side currently involves a trip into Portadown and takes 18 miles. With the current 1000km Greenway Plan out for consultation now is the time to put the last piece of the Loughshore jigsaw in place.

Portadown & Craigavon have very high cycle accident rates and a crossing here would create a safe, picturesque, no emission, low impact crossing point for cyclists, walkers and anglers and a trans-formative bridge between local communities.