The Phren Cap

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A cranial grand tour…

What the hell goes on in a cyclist’s mind?
Well… you see there’s the light side and the dark side - a logical side and a passionate side.
A constant battle between sanity and madness, head and heart, light and dark.
Logic says stay in the peloton until the flamme rouge. Passion says launch an insane breakaway from the gun.
Logic says the stiffest carbon frame available. Passion says a lush, made to measure, sleek Saville Row steel frame.
Head says gels. Heart says cake.
Induráin was logic. Hinault was passion.
Logic is Shimano. Passion is Campag.
The next time someone asks you, ”what‘s this cycling malarkey all about?” - pop your Phren on and take them on a cranial grand tour.

Cycul logo reversed out of an orange under peak.

Classic 4 panel Cycul cap in Coolmax fabric.

Phrenology ("Phren" from the Latin for 'mind) was a pseudo-science in the 1800s that believed certain parts of the brain have localised specific functions.